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March 16, 2013


Paramourtal&trade Vol. Two
More Tales of Undying Love and Loving the Undead
Edited by Kevin Hosey and K. Stoddard Hayes

Alicia Wright Brewster ("Angel's Touch") is a lover of all things paranormal, both fantasy and science fiction. By day, she is a patent attorney. By night, she is various other things, including an author, an electronics junkie, and a secret superhero. You can find her on her website, blog and Twitter.

Timothy Buller ("Dancing with the Rain") is a father and husband who is inspired by writers like Gene Wolfe, Ray Bradbury, and H.G. Wells. An ordained minister that hails from the St. Louis area, he hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoyed writing it.

Nicole Dethmers ("Bump In The Night") is a writer of stories for children and adults. She loves stories most when they make her laugh. Currently, she is pursuing an MFA from Hollins University. Her home is in Michigan with her husband and a small furry menagerie. You can also read her story "A Touch of Sand" in the first volume of Paramourtal.

Kevin Hosey ("Chindi Moon") is an author, and a co-editor of this book. See his stories in Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Hint Fiction, Bigfoot Tales, Beyond Centauri magazine and 365Tomorrows.com. He also wrote for and co-edited Paramourtal and Gods of Justice. ''Cure'' (from Hint Fiction) was the subject of a sculpture and a short film. Not bad for a 25-word story. Find him at kevinhosey.net.

Tarl Kudrick ("The Fourth Wish") is the chief editor of the fiction magazine OnThePremises.com. He has sold fiction to ChiZine, Anotherealm, The Town Drunk, and others. If you like this story, you might want to read the first "Candace and Skragg" story at towndrunkmag.com.

Wayne Ligon ("Brownie Points") has worked as a systems analyst for public service most of his adult life, eschewing the typical laundry list of weird jobs authors seem to accumulate. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama with far too many comics.

Julie Luton ("A Single Touch") is a former copywriter with several award-winning advertising campaigns. She graduated from real-life fiction (advertising) to the more usual kind of fiction (writing short stories and novels). She currently lives in Texas with her husband, two children, and a badly misnamed dog, Harmony. Her blog can be found at txsunshine.wordpress.com.

Nicky Peacock ("Split Apart") is an English author living in the UK where she runs a local writers' group. She has had a vast collection of paranormal stories published in the UK and the USA. For further information, go to creativemindswriting.co.uk and follow her on Twitter.

Leslie S. Rose ("The Shimmer in the Woods") was on the design faculty of the theatre department at UCLA for many years. Now she is a member of the SCBWI and loves writing for teens. Her Yes, This Will Be On the Test blog celebrates both writing and the crazy world of teaching fifth grade. Visit her at http://lesliesullirose.blogspot.com.

Cheryl Rydbom ("Lending Luck") lives in Huntsville, Alabama, and like much of the city's population is an engineer. Until her twins came along, writing aspirations were just wistful longings. Now they are self-defense against toddler tempers. Her most recent publication was as Redstone Science Fiction's Identity Crisis contest winner. Follow her on Twitter @Chy32.


Mark Offutt is a professional illustrator based in El Paso, Texas. His work has appeared in various magazines, including Discovering Archeology and Southwest New Mexico. His art has also embellished children's books and promotional work for projects such as "Shakespeare on the Rocks." He recently illustrated the superhero anthology Gods of Justice. See his artwork here.


K. Stoddard Hayes is an entertainment writer who has published hundreds of articles, interviews and essays about fantasy and science fiction on screen. She also is the author of Xena: Warrior Princess, The Complete Illustrated Companion. Karen also had a story in Paramourtal, and she wrote for and co-edited Gods of Justice. Read her blog about creating imaginary worlds at WorldBuildingRules!

Kevin Hosey (see above).

To learn more about the book, click here.

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