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May 01, 2013


Gods of JusticeGods of Justice&trade
Exciting Adventures of Power, Mystery and Justice
Edited by Kevin Hosey and K. Stoddard Hayes
Illustrations by Mark Offutt and Joel Gomez (DC Comics)

Learn more about these talented authors, including which super power they wish they possesed. And look below for the artists who also contributed to this book.

Derek Tyler Attico (Breaking The Circle) is the author of the critically acclaimed Star Trek short story "Alpha and Omega." He's a native New Yorker exploring the human condition through writing and photography while he's in training to become a. billionaire vigilante/strategist (leather optional). Visit him at DerekAttico.com. POWER: Telepathy (it doesn't take a mind reader to figure out why).

Lisa Gail Green (Identity Crisis) work includes numerous short stories and poems. The latest, "Cursed," is featured in the anthology Playthings of the Gods. Lisa lives in Southern California with her husband and two kids, and no matter how much she resembles that one superhero you're thinking of, she vehemently denies any connection. Find her online at lisagailgreen.com or her blog. POWER: Unlimited energy, so she can tackle anything--even her laundry.

K. Stoddard Hayes (The Dodge) spent the first decade of her life reading superhero comics and watching Westerns. She has published hundreds of articles, interviews and essays about science fiction and fantasy on screen, and now does editorial work for two independent publishers. You can read her blog about creating imaginary worlds at WorldBuildingRules!. POWER: She has always wanted to fly with Superman.

Kevin Hosey (Blunt Force Trauma) is an author, editor and cartoonist. His short stories have appeared in two Star Trek Strange New Worlds anthologies (Simon and Schuster), Hint Fiction (W.W. Norton) and the sci-fi magazine, Beyond Centauri, as well as Paramourtal and the upcoming Paramourtal 2, both from Cliffhanger Books. Visit him at kevinhosey.net. POWER: To write compelling stories that change the world. Just kidding. He wants to be invisible so he can sneak into movies.

Ricardo Sanchez (Death and Life of The Hero) writes comics and fiction. His comic work includes "Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight," "Resident Evil," "Aion" and the "Telara Chronicles" for DC Comics. He also creates satirical websites, an occasional video, and works in the video game industry. Visit him at conformandobey.com. POWER: The ability to teleport so he can see the world but still sleep in his own bed every night.

Carla Lee Suson (The Justice Blues) left a career in cellular biology to write and edit. She has written articles and short stories for over twelve years. Her first thriller novel, Independence Day Plague, was published in 2010. Carla also creates wooden and leather crafts, and often disappears on some camping adventure. Read her blog at blog.northofthered.com. POWER: To heal wounds by taking the energy in plants and the earth and focusing it into people.

Jordan Taylor (Neutral Ground) lives in the Pacific Northwest with several pets. She divides her time between training dogs, collecting canine movie memorabilia, reading classic and modern literature, and writing. Learn more at jordantaylorbooks.com. POWER: To time travel without physically being there. It would make historical research efficient, enjoyable and incredibly accurate.

Micah Urban (The Mass Grave of John Johnsons) is a software support technician from Monee, Illinois. He has a background in world history and English literature. He lives as much of his time as possible with his fiancee, their two cats and two ferrets. POWER: To comprehend and speak all languages.

Dayton Ward (Going My Own Way) is the author of numorous short stories and sci-fi novels (The Last World War, Counterstrike and The Genesis Protocol). He's also written several Star Trek novels, including the recently released Paths of Disharmony. And he's collaborated with Kevin Dilmore on novels, stories and magazine articles, as well as content for the SyFy Channel website. Visit him at daytonward.com. POWER: To stop time. That way, he'd have all the time needed to do everything that needs doing.

Kelly Wisdom (Daughter of Nyx) spends her summers in Roanoke, Va., as an MFA student in the Children's Literature program at Hollins University. For the remainder of the year, she resides in Mooresville, N.C., and teaches English at Mitchell Community College. She lives in a small house on a big lake with two lazy dogs, two irascible cats and one attentive husband. POWER: The ability to fly because it is so much fun to do in her dreams.


Thank you to these incredible artists who added a major visual impact to this book:

Mark Offutt is a professional illustrator based in El Paso, Texas. His work has appeared in various magazines, including Discovering Archeology and Southwest New Mexico. His art has also embellished children's books and promotional work for projects such as "Shakespeare on the Rocks." Look for his dark drawings of supernatural creatures in our upcoming paranormal romance collection Paramourtal Volume Two in 2012. See his artwork here.

Joel Gomez is a successful comic artist who began work at Top Cow Productions in 2001. He has since worked for DC Comics, Aspen MLT and Wildstorm on such titles as Brightest Day, Flashpoint: Reverse Flash, Telara Chronicles, The Darkness, Witchblade, Wetworks, Legion of Super-Heroes and Lost Boys. See samples of his work here.

To learn more about the book, click here.

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